Just what is a truffle?

If you're like me, you hear the word "truffle" and think, "Blech! Mushroom!" And, well, you'd be half right. There is a truffle that's a mushroom that truffle pigs are able to hunt down for those inclined to eat the fungi. They say it's a highly-prized food. I'm sticking with "blech".

But then, there's the chocolate truffle, and that's the truffle that makes us happy. Truffles are a dessert delicacy that started in Europe. Thank you, Europe. They're called a truffle because traditionally they are shaped like their tuber-namesake. They're mainly ganache (a chocolate-based cream) and are covered in a coating.

Our truffles (named Moonshine Bars) take this delicacy to the next level. They're shaped like half-rounded bars, are coated in a variety of milk and dark chocolates and are hand painted with cocoa butter. They're a pleasure to look at and beyond delightful to eat. What else makes the Moonshine Bars different from anything else you'll find on the market? They're gluten-free (with the exception of the alcohol flavored bars), contain only 6 grams of sugar, are only 100 calories and are egg free. 

Basically, if you're wearing socks, our Moonshine Bars will knock them off! Stop by one of our upcoming shows and see for yourself!




Jennifer Minchintruffles